Lisa Jellison, M.A., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Ca Lic # MFC 46430

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Ca Lic # LPCC 820

Welcome to Florecer en Tribu! If you have found yourself here, you may be looking for community, support, and to level up professionally and personally. My two friends and I began this online group for women who are looking for growth.


Lisa Jellison

Lisa Jellison is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor for the State of California. More recently Lisa has found a passion for coaching after seeing many of her clients struggle with feeling unfulfilled, empty and full of regret. Lisa believes that stepping in and helping clients live their dream, find their passion, or take action can mitigate anxiety and depression and help people live a fulfilling life. In her 14 years of experience as an LMFT, she has helped people overcome anxiety, depression and trauma. She has also worked with children, adolescents, and couples. With her clients as an Adventure Coach, she has helped people feel fulfilled, find joy, live their dreams, find their adventure, and take action. Follow her on instagram @lisajellisonlmft.


Allison Heuduck

Allison Heuduck is a full-time wife, mom and housewife; in her free time she is a Network Marketer, Entrepreneur and Life Coach. Before being a mother, she was a teacher for children and adults. Her interest in personal development was present throughout her life, but flourished in 2015 after major life transitions. As a teacher by profession and a student at heart, she is skilled at taking concepts that are sometimes difficult to understand, and presenting them in practical ways that allow everyone to easily apply them. You can read more about Allison at and follow her on instagram @iamallisonhd.


Lydia Keeney

Lydia is a life coach, energy healer and piano teacher. In her work, Lydia helps people move from survival to prosperity in all aspects of their lives. In the sessions with her clients, she brings awareness to the connection between body and mind. Her passion is to help empaths learn how to set limits so that other people's negativity does not affect them. Lydia is the owner of Abundant Heart Space and Gifted Ear Music Studio. She has a podcast called Find your Happy where she does interviews with other counselors about the mountains and valleys of life and how to find blessing in each experience. Find out more about Lydia at and follow her on instagram @abundantheartspace.


Free Groups

  • We have a Facebook group that has daily tools and tips that will help you increase your joy, energy, and happiness in your daily life.

  • In our Facebook group we also offer #florecerlive which is a free live group coaching session once a week with all three of us. Send in your questions/discussion anonymously in advance, and join in live for the discussion.

  • Since we are based in Paraguay, we also offer once a month coffee meetups for those that are local.

  • We also have an Instagram and Facebook page that we would love for you to follow to keep up with news and events.

Instagram - @florecerentribu
Facebook page -



Flourish Individual Coaching
We offer an online individual coaching package for women. The package includes sessions with all three of us.

Who is this for?

  • This is for you if you are in the middle of self-discovery and ready to go to the next level. You are curious, longing for more, and want to take the next step. You want a deeper connection in every area of your life.

What will I get out of it?

  • Given the unique, combined skills of all three of us, by the end of the coaching you will have direction, know how to manage your feelings, have more clarity, feel lighter, exhilarated, and have more joy in everyday, and be more aware of your personal space and other people’s space, and have created healthier boundaries and rhythms. You will complete the coaching sessions feeling inspired, motived, and confident.

Our coaching package includes:

10 Individual Coaching Sessions

  • 1 Session with the 3 Ladies

  • 3 Sessions with Lisa Jellison, M.A., LMFT the Adventure Coach

  • 3 Sessions with Allison Heuduck, Life Coach

  • 3 Sessions with Lydia Keeney, Energy Healer

  • 24 hour texting communication during the program

  • A copy of “The Original Five Minute Journal”


  • Coming Soon!

  • Ebook

  • Women’s Journal

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